Come audition for the Skits!

Every one of our members started by first being interested in auditions.  That said, that's the same for any non-obligatory organized group, so we're not that special.

Auditions Details

Auditions take place on two nights, and you should go to one (and one only)!  There will be food there! You don’t need to bring anything with you. Just be ready to have fun, do a little bit of low-stakes improv, and read through some of our old sketches. We just want to get to know you! If you do have questions, email us at and we’ll try to get back to you.


Night #1

WHERE: Malott Hall Room 228
WHEN: Wednesday, September 18th from 4:30-6:30pm
WHY:  ...?



WHERE: Uris G01
WHEN: Thursday, September 19th from 7-9pm
WHY: You were too lazy to go on the other day!

Frequently Asked Questions

“Should i prepare anything?”

Nope! Please only bring your enthusiasm, and sense of childlike wonder. We’ll also have free pizza!

“What if I don’t have any experience?”

That’s completely okay, we’re looking for kind, creative people who are passionate about comedy. 

“What happens at auditions?”

We’ll play a few improv games, have you read and perform of our old sketches, and we’ll get to know you!

“What’s the difference between a secured credit card and a non-secured credit card?”

Hm. Well, this isn’t really the right place—well, I guess I could help. Secured cards require a security deposit from the cardholder, which functions as cash collateral against you defaulting on your payments. But, seriously come audition (and get a secured card)!

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