Our current roster of charlatans. 

Andrew Faber (‘20)

Andrew Faber is a senior majoring in Communication. He hopes to find a career involving comedy, either through entertainment (so fun!!), or advertising (not as fun :( ). Until then, he’ll be in the Skits... for however long it takes. Watch the group indulge him in Mr. Magoni.

aliyah geer (‘21)

Aliyah can skateboard and that’s all any of us know about her.

TJ Sheppard (‘22)

Do not approach TJ. Do not make eye contact with TJ. If you see TJ on the street, say hello, but DO NOT stop TJ. If TJ asks how you are, tell him you’re “Good.” and then get as far away from TJ as possible. TJ is extremely dangerous. TJ does not take prisoners. TJ is the kind of cop that asks questions first and shoots later. TJ would be a good cop. TJ could not handle the pressure of being a cop. TJ can hardly handle the pressure of being a human being. TJ is just doing his best. TJ needs to call his mom. TJ is done now, goodbye. 

Tadafe Gbaje (‘22)

Taddy loves that strawberry fizzy drink from Starbucks and none of us know why.

Robert frank (‘21)

Robert drives a truck.

talia lefkowitz (‘21)

Talia is a junior majoring in Performing and Media Arts and is also Pre-Med. She’s confused. Talia is from Los Angeles, which is a city in California. Once, she almost hit Sterling K. Brown with her car while he was biking in Beverly Hills… she will say nothing more on the topic. She used to be extremely blonde and then she went through “puberty” and now she doesn’t know how she identifies. Ask her about it sometime and see a grown woman cry. Watch her promote the use of birth control in Condoms.

gaby furman (‘22)

Gaby is a sophomore in Arts and Sciences from New York City! Her major will forever be undecided. She’s scared of dogs and chalk but promises that she’s super normal. Watch her be bested by a princess in Rumplestiltskin.