The Skits were formed in Spring 1992 as The Skits-O-Phrenics by Eric Garcia, Claudia Hollis, and E.J. Howard.  

Our Name

Originally, our group was named "The Skits-O-Phrenics," which became less- and less-politically correct as time went on.  In 2015, we decieded to rename our group "The Skits," which was what we'd been calling it lately anyways.  This was somewhat against the constitution, which provided a backup name for The Skits should the original name become offensive that The Skits chose not to use.  That name was "Two Goats F*cking On A Lawn." 

E Skitibus Unum

Our purpose is to entertain through the use of skit comedy.
We are a student run comedy group, and shall remain as such. Although as individuals, we will invariably represent different factions and interests, our overall goal shall be to work constructively as a group, and to create an organization which will be uniquely our own.
— Start of Skits Constitution