The Skits are Cornell's original sketch comedy group.   

What We Do

As a sketch comedy group, we perform short sketches (think Saturday Night Live and Key and Peele).  These sketches are usually 2-3 minutes in length, but that can vary dramatically.  Every semester, we do an hour long showcase of all-new sketch comedy written, edited (!), directed and performed by us.  Also, we do a bunch of little shows throughout the semester both on- and off-campus.

How We Do it

We have three meetings a week to write and edit our original material.  As we get closer to our biyearly show, we quickly get scared and select our best material to perform.  Then, after two weeks of rehearsing, we perform our comedy onstage.  Then, we rest till the next semester in papooses.

Places We've Performed

  • Cornell University (duh)
  • Skidmore College's National College Comedy Festival  
  • Brandeis
  • Brown University Comedy Conference
  • Harvard University
  • Yale University
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Your next party or get-together! (just kidding... probably)

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